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Mega Turrican is the second Virtual Console release and has a convoluted background, emphasized by the fact that we finished the game in spring 1993, shortly after Super Turrican, but it did not see a release until 1994. Mega Turrican started out in the fall of 1991 as Turrican III on the Amiga computer, but nothing more than a working prototype of the new "plasma rope" feature and some graphics of the first world were completed before the project was moved to the Genesis/Mega Drive. Thanks to the hardware efforts of a good friend of ours working at the German Secret Service, we built our own development kits and software environments for the Super NES and the Genesis/Mega Drive which became fully operational in early 1992. Subsequently the Factor 5 company focus shifted towards console game development with Mega Turrican spearheading the effort on the Sega front. Our last encounter with the Amiga eventually became Turrican 3, which was a port of Mega Turrican that ironically came out before the original.

Mega Turrican also tried to break new grounds for the franchise, both by striking a balance between the exploratory style of our earlier games and the more linear approach that Japanese action game design embodied, as well as the "plasma rope", an extremely flexible, physics-driven grappling device. Turrican-veterans will love the flexibility that this new toy adds to the exploration of levels once you have mastered the harsh learning curve of how to use it. Chris once again provided a spectacular soundtrack, inspired by the very peculiar FM sound hardware of the Mega Drive/Genesis. This Turrican game also was the first one to take a serious stab at more elaborate and intricate bosses. Finally, if you are a serious Turrican player and want to snatch up every bonus and extra seen on these maps, we recommend to use the Classic Controller which in this case behaves like a Geneis/Mega Drive 6-button joypad. The Wii Remote makes gameplay a bit more daunting by simulating the earlier Genesis/Mega Drive 3-button pad.

  Cheats for Mega Turrican:
SKIP:  Right - Left - Down - Right - B
INFINITE ENERGY :  A - A - A - B - B - B - A - A - A
RE-PLAY: Right - Left - Down - Right - A
REVERSE MODE : Up - Up -Down - Down - Left - Right - Left - Right - A - B